how to improve smartphone battery life best tips and tricks

Everyone is using smartphone nowadays, because of that it became a  regular useful thing in the life. Mobiles are available from low to high prices. Selecting good one and using it properly is the main problems because it packed with tons of features. So because of that, I am writing how to improve smartphone battery life best tips and tricks.

smartphone battery life best tips and tricks
smartphone battery life best tips and tricks

But if the user follows some tricks to maintain smartphone properly it will help not to buy mobile again and again, it will increase the performance.

Before going to discuss the smartphone tips we need to think is it required to follow tricks? Yes, day by day technology is increasing because of that we need to adjust to the technology.

Every user has confusion that what are the apps need to install, how much minimum battery charge has to maintain and how to protect mobile personal information.

Now I found some of the minimum basic tricks which will help to save our mobile.

Security: Security is one of the main problems who is maintaining mobiles.

smartphone battery life best tips and tricks
smartphone battery life best tips and tricks

  • Don't install any apps for more secure purpose unless until it was premium because every mobile will be released with minimum security.
  • Don’t connect unwanted wifi or wireless connections. It will harmful to the mobile as well as personal info.
  • It's better to update your mobile operating system. It will make mobile secure.

Contact Details On Lock Screen: Put your contact details on the home screen so that if you lost, have a chance to get it back.

Increasing battery Life: Every user thinks battery life before buying a mobile because it is one of the features to increase the mobile performance and it is always been an issue. To increase the battery life need to some of the things from our end.

Tricks and Tips to increase smartphone battery
Tricks and Tips to increase smartphone battery

  • Keep your battery minimum 30 % charge always, but it should not decrease lower than 20 %. If it is lower than 20 percent radiations will come from mobile it will very dangerous to the brain.
  • Please stick to your own changer, don’t change charger at all.
  • Don’t charge your mobile entire night. It will cause battery overheat, it will lead to battery damage.
  • Don't use mobile when it is charging. it will damage mobile performance as we as leads to battery issues

App Installations: Install apps what required based on our need, And install apps which are certified from google play store(Android) or app store (iPhone) so that mobile will be secured.

Install only necessary apps
Install only necessary apps

  • Don't install externally any RAM clear, Fast charge, Fast Internet, HD Wallpapers etc.. apps.
  • If you want fast charging to enable airplane mode then charge it.
  • Uninstall apps which will give advertising pop-ups.
  • Check the most ram or battery life usage apps, then uninstall those apps.
  • Please check by default every smartphone will give some apps use those apps for need.
  • And turn off unwanted app notifications until unless useful to you.

                             Settings -> Notifications -> App and unmark it

Low Battery Setting: Whenever the battery is low following below steps so that battery usage will be decreased.

  • Turn off wifi, mobile data, and Bluetooth if it's not required.
  • Turn off Vibrate on the ring
  • Better close all apps which were opened.
  • Disable background running apps even when not using.

                   Go to Settings -> Data Usage -> Tap on the app then scroll down and restrict background data

  • Use premium apps so that you will not get any add popups

Internet Settings: Nowadays everyone is using the internet regularly either using mobile data or connecting to wifi, sometimes both.

smartphone internet settings
smartphone internet settings

  • Don't use mobile data and wifi at a time.
  • Better turn off Bluetooth when you are browsing.
  • Better schedule app updates on wifi only and allow necessary apps for auto updates, disable other apps.
  • Disable twitter and facebook autoplay.
  • Use google chrome for browsing and enable data to save point. It will save a lot of data

                       Settings -> Advanced -> Turn on Data saver option

Memory Usage: Memory usage is one of the problems for every mobile lover.

smartphone memory usage
smartphone memory usage

  • Keep minimum 2 GB free on a mobile hard disk (ROM).
  • Sync with a cloud so that it will work as a backup. And later if you deleted that data from mobile it will save that data in the cloud. Better use google drive for this
  • Delete unwanted data from the mobile storage

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