You Won’t Believe what’s the FASTEST and Best Browser for Android

There are plenty browsers in the market from that choosing best browsers for android or IOS is very difficult.

But every browser has their own special feature apart from global features.Based on that I tried describing the browsers for android and IOS.

browsers for android
This Image will show the top browsers and user ratings, number of downloads


Browsers and Features

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a freeware web browser developed by Google. It’s available for desktops as well as smartphones.

This browser can handle heavy sites and render them correctly so that it fits on your browser window and give you good user experience.

This is an average browser which doesn’t have issues with smartphone and internet connections because of strong browser performance. The UI is clear and simple

All Chrome Features In Single Image
All Chrome Features In Single Image

Features : -

Fast browsing: Quickly access the pages you've previously visited by choosing from the search results that appear immediately after typing

Sync: Allows the Chrome user to sync your settings, bookmarks, and history on all devices.

So tablet, laptops, and smartphones can use the same browser on all platforms. By default, we can authenticate all google accounts.

Loud jumps: This is useful if the user uses multiple tabs. When a user makes a video, audio, or chat, you can either disable an audio icon on the application used for each tab or create a sound.

Double search: Users can make voice search and manual search with Google Mike voice. Based on user convenience, the ways in which Chrome uses can be done in seconds.

Privacy and security: A private browsing feature, known as Incognito Mode, prevents anyone from permanently retrieving any historical information and cookies from websites that the browser has visited.

UC Android browser

UC Browser is one of the most downloaded browsers in India. Because of cloud acceleration and data compression technology this browser will work well in a poor interconnection. And very good at download because it will download with multiple threads.

A smart download manager with resume support. One of the best features of this one is Cloud download and Cloud upload i.e save any file from any website in the cloud without download in the user device. Adblock and auto scroll will helpful to browse easily

UC Browser all features
UC Browser all features


Fast Browsing: Best browser to use in poor internet connection. It doesn't have hang history at all. Navigation a good flowing. It will compress data to the speed of browsing. Inbuilt ad-block which will block most annoying adds in sites.

Auto Scrolling: Has a special feature auto scrolling. It will help the user to navigate easily  

The Night Mode and Facebook mode: It has special feature facebook mode which helps to browse Facebook as much as fast and another one is night mode to help browse in the night without affecting to eyes

Smart Downloading: A smart download manager with resume support.

Cloud Download: Has  a facility to download and upload  videos directly to the cloud without saving in the device  

Privacy and Security: As per security so many teachers found that it's not recommended one. Not only that as per privacy also it's not recommended.

Example: Many countries that there are lots of sites filtered and users do not have access to those websites, but if user use "UC Browser", some of them can be accessed.

Opera Mini

Opera mini browser was derived from opera web browser for mobiles. The user can browse more secure and it has more search engine options.

It compresses the webpage using Opera Turbo so that it loads faster. The user can stream online videos faster using its video compression technology.

It has page wrapper technology by which every website fits in screen perfectly. It is also having ad-block to avoid the ads.

all opera mini features
all opera mini features



Fast browsing: This is a specialized technology TURBO, which can browse if you shrink web pages. Rubber technology fits the screen for each website. It is feature ad blocker.
Video Summary: By enabling videos summary in data storage settings, you can watch a video on a low Internet connection. This is cloud acceleration technology, so you can upload or download the cloud without the device.
Synchronize: Synchronize user's browser and bookmark on all devices. Use the same browser on the same browser on all devices such as phones, laptops, and tablets. These applications require you to log in to the opera account.

Smart Download: Download videos and audio easily. It will continue if necessary.
Duplex: Have a facility of night and day modes comfort to save your eyes.
Data Tracking: Data Monitoring is a good feature in Opera. Check savings on user settings. See how many data it stores.
Privacy and security: Get a feature to browse personally using a personal tab.

Mozilla Firefox

This is most secure and protected browser in the world. The best part of this browser supports add-ons. Add-ons are plugins which enable the app’s additional features. By using add-ons we can easily import any feature.

 It still supports flash so that you can play flash contents with ease. It is the most localized browser in the world as well.

all Mozilla Firefox features
all Mozilla Firefox features


Fast browsing: By default, browse to it if you want to add fastest any plugin can be added.
Synchronization: This feature has the ability to synchronize with all these devices to log into Firefox account. Working with others in browsers acts as usual.
Add-Ons Extra: Every aspect comes in the form of the plugin. The user will automatically add the feature of the browser that adds a plugin to the browser.
Customizing Firefox can control user's webpage, ad blockers, password and download managers, and so on.
Privacy and security: This is the best browser for privacy and security. A private browser that you can use by clicking on the settings and personal browser.


 Dolphin is the mobile web browser available for android and ios. This is one of the best alternative browsers for android platform. It has multi-touch gesture.

all dolphin browser features
all dolphin browser features



Fast Browsing: Browsing and performance wise it is awesome. Scroll down will work very fast. More user-friendly.

Tabbed Browsing: User can open many tabs and redirect from one tab to another tab easily without any hanging.

They used WebKit engine technology to redirect as much as fast.

Dual Search: User can use voice to search they name as dolphin solar for voice search. So in this browser have a facility to search by voice and by typing.

Synchronization: Even it is available only for mobiles user can sync with all devices by browsers Firefox and Chrome extension. So mobiles, laptops, computers the user can sync with the dolphin.

Webzine: Webzine. Is the special technology which helps to display content like magazine-style format.

Privacy and Security: Before users raised some concern about privacy and security.Later updates they are using   Ars Technica as "an unambiguous breach of privacy". This breach was patched in the next update.


There are lots of browser Ghostery, CM Browser, VIA Browser, Nano Browser, Boat, stock Android etc .. those are best at their own features. Its all depends upon the needs, necessity, compatibility, user-friendly, performance.

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