Facebook Hacks: Hidden Facebook Tricks That Few People Know About


Recently Facebook released facebook list feature, Main use of this feature is for more user interaction with Facebook.

Facebook is the first social media which got populate compare to other like WhatsApp, Instagram. Now the usage of Facebook is decreasing day by day because of not more user-friendly.  

Because of this reason facebook adding new features. Facebook list feature is one of that...

Facebook Money Transfer:

If you need you can transfer money from facebook like other money transferring apps. It's free to send or Receive money.

  1. Open your facebook app.
  2. Click on Menu Icon.
  3. Tap on See More.
  4. Open Send or Request Money.
  5. Then you need to add friend name.
  6. Choose Receive or Send.
  7. This is free service.

Facebook Jobs:

If you enable facebook jobs alerts then it will notify you, if you have any jobs.

  1. Open Facebook app.
  2. Click on Menu Icon.
  3. Tap on See More.
  4. Open Jobs.
  5. You can post Job or you can check new jobs.
  6. Just you need to Select the Job Type.
  7.  If you enable this feature you will get the alerts.
  8. Swipe to left and enable the Facebook Job alerts. So that you will get notifications.

Schedule Facebook Post:

Facebook scheduling post feature will available on pages, not on one timeline.

  1. Open Facebook app.
  2. Then Open your Facebook page or group.
  3. Tap on Post Icon.
  4. Writer a post anything you want.
  5. Then click on the next option.
  6. Tap on option  How do you want to publish this post?
  7. Click on Scheduling then set the time.

Facebook City Guides:

If you need to know the city information then it will helpful to you.

  1. Follow the first four steps from above.
  2. Click on City Guides.
  3. Select the City which information you want.
  4. Friends who are staying in that city.
  5. Famous Restaurants in that city.
  6. Best Places in that city.
  7. Upcoming events in that city etc...

Facebook Nearby:

Facebook added a new feature called Facebook nearby. If you enable that you will get nearby friends alert to you.

It will work only on the Facebook app.

  1. Open Facebook app.
  2. Click on Menu Icon.
  3. Tap on See More option.
  4. Enable Facebook Nearby Friends.
  5. So that you will get the alerts.

Colorful Facebook Post:

Instead of posting with white plain text. You can post anything by adding any good background. And you can add emoji also.


Facebook list feature : 

Facebook list feature is a new feature release from  Facebook to create attractive status instead of boring text status.

It will work like WhatsApp status.

You can put two or three statuses at a time because of that they called it is a List.

You can use this feature different ways now I am gonna show you create facebook list or list on facebook on a regular page.

Add background color, add emoji etc...

Create New List in Status:

It’s a very easy way to Facebook list feature. Please follow below steps.

Step 1: Go to your regular Facebook page .site or in App. Go to the place where you regularly upload facebook status

From here tap on three dots.


Then you will get the list of options for status. If you double click on three dots different types of status you will get.

For more details check below image.


Step 2: Add any status which is matching for you from the list or add more than one also.


Then you can publish it like as usual click on the post.

status-heading-and -lists
status-heading-and -lists

Create Custom List :  

If you click on three dots you will get status, you can choose one from that or you add your own taglines.


Remove Lists :

If you add status more than one, you can remove it. Two ways you can remove. Ones is one by one. And another one removes all at a time.


Choose List Format :

Only two different formats available now one is bullets and another one is number. By default, a number will select.


Choose Background Color:  

You can change the list background color, but only limited colors available choose anyone from that.


Below image is the Post after doing all above features.



Facebook list feature is only for a status purpose. Usage of Facebook is decreasing because of that reason facebook adding new features, this is one of that. This is not used much. But because of this feature chance that usage of Facebook will increase.   In feature also Facebook will add more features.

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