message crashes iPhone




One of the Indian Telugu Language character messages crashes iPhone. Italian blog Mobile World found one single character bug. The character belongs to TELUGU( Indian language )  one of the most useful languages in the USA. The word is déjà vu which is the most difficult character in that specific language. Most competition smartphones iPhone, Galaxy s9, Google pixel 2 in the world but even recently release iPhone x also having a crash.

This is Single Message Character :



If you receive this character in mobile your Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Gmail or Outlook, Skype ..etc If you receive the character your mobile will cash and it will automatically restart because of that they are calling this one is “Text Bomb”. As per apple information, this is happening below 11.2 IOS versions they are trying to fix that issue in updated versions.  It is one of the bad damage to the Apple company.  But Verge and mashable Both tested this issue with different iPhones and different IOS versions they stated that it existed all IOS versions which released up to now.

See how Single Message Working:

What If you Receive Single Message:-

If you receive the Single message test in your mobile delete that message directly without open. So that you can protect your mobile Otherwise it will crash and You need to do a restart.  See single Character Can do anything

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