24 Gmail Account Tips, Tricks, and Hacks to help you master your Email


Gmail Account Tips and Tricks

Gmail Account is a freely available server from the google.

Everyday personally or professionally we will use a Gmail account. Without Gmail account, Android mobile will not work.

In android mobile, you need to do Gmail verification then only Play store will work. And android updates you will get.

Google drive, google contacts, Google maps etc … every google service required verification of Gmail account.

Let see some the tips and trick in Gmail account, So that you can optimize your account to easy use.

Gmail Account Tips and Tricks:

1.  Gmail Quick Action:

Gmail Account added new actions to organize inbox easily.  By this, you can take quick action on your messages.

Gmail Quick Action
  1. Open Your Gmail Account. gmail-account-icon
  2. Go to Inbox.
  3. In the right side of every mail, you will have below the icon.
  4. Archive:gmail-archive-icon You can take this action.
  5. Deletegmail-account-delete-icon
  6. Mark as unread gmail-account-read-icon or Read gmail-account-unread-icon
  7. Snooze gmail-account-snooze-icon
  8. The top also you will get all the options

2. Snooze Email gmail-account-snooze-icon :

You can postpone your email to the future by using email snooze.

  1. Open your Gmail account.
  2. Check the unread email
  3. At the right corner, you will have a snooze option. You can postpone email.
  4. The top also you will get snooze options

3. Gmail Sidebar:

Gmail Sidebar
  1. Open your Gmail Account.
  2. You will have a sidebar. If you open it you will get below features.
  3. Gmail Calendar:gmail-calendar You can add any event, daily schedules etc…
  4. Gmail Notes:gmail-notes Something is important to note it here
  5. Gmail Tasks:gmail-tasks If you need, then add any task or add any deadlines
  6. Gmail Add-ons:gmail-add-ons If you need you can add external add-ons

4. Gmail Smart Reply:

You no need to type everything. If you type some word Gmail Smart Reply will give remaining.

If you want to enable just follow below steps. But by default, it is enabled.

Gmail Smart Reply
  1. Open Gmail Account
  2. Tap on top right Setting icon > Settings
  3. General > Enable Smart Replay
  4. Then Save it.
  5. When you are replaying if you type anything it will give you remaining words. Just you need to forward arrow.
  6. In mobile by default, it will work.
  7. In the PC or Laptop by default, it will be activated.
  8. This is the most useful feature from Gmail Account.

5. Customize Gmail Inbox:

If you need you can change the Gmail inbox views

  1. Open your Gmail account.
  2. Go to settings gmail-settings > Density Display
  3. change mode to Default or Comfortable or Compact.
  4. This 3 modes available.

6. Hide or Show Gmail Menu:

  1. Open your Gmail account.
  2. Click on Menu button gmail-menu it will hide the menu
  3. if you click again on the same button it will show you again.

7. Send emails attachments confidentially:

  1. Open your Gmail account
  2. Click on Compose mail
  3. In the bottom right tap on Confidential icon gmail-confidential-icon
  4. Set expiry date: Based on the date it will be expired.
  5. Choose SMS Code: If you choose, it recipient gets the passcode to his mobile. But you need to provide the recipient mobile Number.

8. Gmail Account Emoji:

You can send mail adding emoji.

  1. Open Gmail Account.
  2.  Click on gmail compose icon gmail-compose-icon
  3. Tap on emoji icon.
  4. Otherwise, use Gmail emoji Shortcut ctl+shift+2

9. Block and Unblock Specific Recipient:

If you get some unwanted emails you can block that recipient in Gmail Account.

If you get continually emails from someone which are not useful to you use this feature.

Or if you need to get emails from the same recipient unblock it.

10. Block Specific Recipient:
block a person in Gmail account
  1. Login into Gmail Account 
  2. Open any email which you want to block
  3. Right next, click on more (right side of the forward icon)
  4. Click on Block “Recipient Name”

11. Unblock Specific Recipient:
How to unblock a person in Gmail Account
How to unblock a person in Gmail Account
  1. Navigate to top right click Settings (Gear Option) > Settings > Filters and Blocked Addresses
  2. Then Select the email address and click on unblock.

12. Turn Images On or Off In Gmail Account:

If images are not loading properly in your Gmail Account change your settings and if you don’t want to load images using the same settings.

How to load external images in Gmail Account
  1. Go Gmail Account 
  2. Top right click settings (gear icon)
  3. Settings -> General -> then click Always display external images or Ask before displaying external images based on your need

13. Customize Your Gmail Background:

If you spending hours and hours you can change the Gmail GUI and make a good appearance.

You can change the themes, Google has several predefined themes use any of that or you can use one of your personal photos.

How to change your theme in Gmail Account
  1. Go Gmail Account 
  2. Top right click settings (gear icon) -> Themes 
  3. And choose any one of predefined themes or use your personal photo.

14. Add or Remove category tabs:

To organize all emails properly and categorize it we need to add tabs.

If you didn’t use this feature all your emails will get into inbox only.

Instead of this use this feature to categories receiving emails so that easily find the important email. This is very simple to add or remove.

Different types of tabs available.

Add or Remove costume category tabs
  • Primary Tab: Person to Person communication and Messages
  • Social Tab:  Messages from social networks, media sharing sites, and online dating services
  • Promotions Tab: Deals, Offers, and other marketing emails
  • Updates Tab: Personal, Auto Generated updates including confirmations, receipts, bills and statements
  • Forums Tab: Messages from online groups, discussion boards, and mailing list.
  • Include Starred in Primary: Use this option to track all important messages that you want to follow up on.
  1. Go Gmail Account. 
  2. In the top right, click Settings (gear icon) -> Settings -> Inbox.
  3. Categories -> Select the tabs which you want.
  4. Go down and save it.
  5. To remove, unchecked the box and save it.

15. Change Gmail Account Language:

Gmail will support multiple languages like Hindi, Chinese, Arabic etc …

Change Language in Gmail Account
  1. Open your Gmail
  2. In the top right, click Settings (Gear Icon) -> General -> Language
  3. Change the language which you want

16. Type In Different  Languages:

You can compose email in a different language like Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Telugu etc … using input tool

How to enable Input Language Tool
How to type different Language in Gmail Account
  1. Open Gmail Account
  2. In the top right, click  Settings (Gear Icon) -> Settings -> General -> Language
  3. Enable input tools and click on edit tool
  4. Select the input languages from lift side and click and right. Now it will be added into the right box
  5. Then save it
  6. Click on Compose Mail
  7. In the top right next to Settings. Click the language icon and select the language
  8. Write the mail and send it

Note: If you enable  Enable input tools, you can directly click on right next to Settings and add the languages.

Note: You can use language input tool in PC only not in the app.

17. Set Automated Reply:

If you were not available you can provide automatic replay or If you want to send some message to all senders you can use automatic reply.

This feature is very useful. You can save time by using this feature.

How to add Automatic Replay In Gmail Account
  1. In the top right, click Settings (Gear Icon) -> General -> Vacation responded
  2. Add the message based on your need.

18. Add Signature To Gmail Account:

Instead of adding your name at the end of the email, you can add a signature.

Add Signature To Gmail Account
  1. Open Gmail Account
  2. In the top right, click  Settings (Gear Icon) -> Settings -> General -> Signature
  3. Enable Signature and add then save it.

19. Sign into Multiple Gmail accounts:

If you have more than one Gmail accounts, you can sign in all at once and switch from one account to another account without logout.

  1. Sign into Google or Gmail account
  2. On the top right, select your profile image 
  3. On the menu click on add account
  4. Follow the instructions and sign in
  5. Once you sign in you can switch to the one account to another account.

20. Merge All Gmail Accounts:

If you use more then one Gmail account, you can get all Gmail emails into single account if you merge.

And you can give replay to the respective email from the same account with that respectively received email account.

You can import emails from Yahoo!, Hotmail, AOL, or other webmail or POP3 accounts.

  1. In the top right, click Settings (Gear Icon) -> Accounts and Import -> Import mail and contacts
  2.  Give mail address which you want to import
  3. It will ask you the password for verification. Later it will ask you to allow permission
  4. If you allow once it will give you Authentication Successful
  5. Close that window
  6. It will ask you below options. Choose based on your need.
    • Import Contacts
    • Import Mails
    • Import New Email for next 30 days
  7. Successfully done
  8. For verification you can check in Settings -> send mail as it has to new added Gmail address
  9. Change the sending email address default to the respective received address.
  10. Settings -> Send mail as -> click on Reply from the same address the message was sent to
  11. So you can send mail from the same address for which you received it.  Otherwise, it will send from the default address
  12. If you don’t want to merge click on stop. it will stop

21. Export Gmail Account Contacts:

If you change Gmail Account or deleting it, you can export the Gmail contact and Import into a new Gmail account.

Or if you are changing from android mobile to IOS Mobile, You can import the same contacts in iPhone as well.

Here you can export single contact or multiple contacts.

single contact

  1. Login into Gmail Account
  2. Navigate to Top Right and click on  Google Apps -> More -> Contacts
  3. It will show you contacts. Select one which you want to export
  4. Go to right corner on same label click on three dots and click on export
  5. It will give you different format options based on your requirement export it.

multiple contacts

Click on single contact the click on top checkbox then export it.

22. Delete Gmail Contacts:

Every android user has to activate his android mobile with Gmail account otherwise play store will not work.

Once if you verify the Gmail account and enable contacts sync with google drive all your contact will be saved in Gmail address book.

Even If you delete contacts from the mobile, same copy stored in Gmail address book. If you want to delete from Gmail account then you can follow below steps.

  1. Login into Google Gmail account
  2. Navigate to Top Right and click on  Google Apps -> More -> Contacts
  3. It will show the list with alphabetical
  4. Select contact which you want to delete
  5. Click on right corner three dots
  6. Delete it

23. Delete Gmail Account:

If you have too many emails which are not using, it’s better to delete instead of leaving. When Mail is creating you will give your details and verification phone number etc.. because of this if you leave it will problem in the future. The Internet can do anything we have to be safe.

To delete Gmail account follow below steps :

  1. Login into Gmail
  2. Navigate to Top Right and click on Google Account Icon -> My Account -> Account Preferences -> Delete your account and Services
  3. Select any one of Delete Product or Delete Google Account and Data
  4. Then It will ask you the password for verification.
  5. Then It will ask you the confirmation and agree, If you confirm then it will delete permanently.

Note: It will delete your account permanently and no longer can be accessed. If anyone sends mail to deleted Gmail account then they will receive a delivery failure message.

24. Schedule Sending Emails:

Instead of sending an email you can schedule it. This is very useful when you are not available. You can schedule the message at a certain point of time, it will send automatically at that time.

  1. Add boomeranggmail plugin to your browser
  2. You have to get a successful confirmation
  3. Click on compose mail
  4. Click on Send Later
  5. Set the time. It will send automatically at that time.
  6. You can use the same technique for all other emails like yahoo any other custom emails

Conclusion :

All above Gmail account tips and tricks will help you when you are using Gmail account.

If any tips are helpful then comment below or if you know any other Gmail tip comment below about it.

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