20 Google Maps Tips and Tricks – All Updated Features(2019)

google maps tips and tricks

Google maps are the best mapping apps. Now here I am mentioning some of the best google maps tips and tricks.

Daily life in unknown places everyone will use google maps so that you can save time without asking anyone.

Recently voice navigation also added, if you follow the voice instructions easily reach the destination.

Google maps available on Android and IOS with so many features like  Turn by turn navigation, street view, Traffic conditions, discovering new places, history of visited places etc…

Google maps available in two modes 1. Normal Mode. 2. Satellite Mode

  1. Normal Mode: Only it will show you  routes and place names with navigation
  2. Satellite Mode: It will show you routes and places names with the 3d picturized format. It will show you how exactly the street in real life.

Google Maps Tips and Tricks:

1. Google Maps Types:

This Google maps tips and tricks will help in your real life.

Three types of basic Google Maps Available as per the latest Google Map Version.


Google Maps Types

  1. Open Google Maps.google-maps-icon
  2. Tap on Google Maps Type Icon. google-maps-type-icon
  3. Then it will give you Three below Options.
  4. Default Google Mapsgoogle-default-maps-icon It will display the default road map view.
  5. Satellite Google Maps:google-satellite-maps-icon It will display the Google Earth Satellite Images(Photographic Maps).
  6. Terrian Google Mapsgoogle-terrain-maps-icon Displays the maps with Mountains, Rivers, Deserts etc…
  7. And Each one has again Transit Mode, Traffic ModeBicycling Mode etc …
  8. By default, it will be Default Google Maps with Transit Mode.


2. Google Maps Speed Limit:

Another awesome upcoming feature from google maps is the speed limit.

In your journey just you need to up destination point and type of vehicle. Based on traffic, weather and way it will suggest speed limit.

This feature will help in unknown destinations.

Google Maps Speed Limit

3. Google Augmented Reality:

Google is adding a new feature called Google Augmented Reality(AR).  It will give the walking navigations with directions.

It will help to reach destinations with google maps navigations. They will add pet fox if you follow that then without any root confusion you can reach the destination.

This feature will use the smartphone camera to guide which direction to walk. But this feature not yet released.

If this feature comes then this is best google maps tips and tricks to reach destination easily.

Google Augmented Reality

4. Google Places:

Another new feature from Google maps is Google Maps nearby places.

In the Navigation journey just you need to show your smartphone camera to the unknown places. It will show you the table name.

Google Maps nearby places

5. Google Maps Fastest Route:

Google maps automatically show the fattest route with the time traveling time. Just you need to enter the destination location and vehicle.

If you don’t want that route just you need to tap on other routes so route direction will change.

Tap on Start then Navigation will start.

Google Maps Fastest Route

NOTE: In Latest Google Maps version it will ask you to download offline directions.

6. Google Maps Steps & More:

Recently Google Maps added awesome new Feature like Steps & More. Just you need to enter the destination details.

Google Maps Steps and More
    1. Open Google Maps.google-maps-icon
    2. Give destination Location.
    3. Select the Vehicle Type.
    4. Then button clicks on Steps & More Icon.google-maps-steps-and-more-icon
    5. Then It will show you. Parking Information, Number Of Tolls, Traffic, Steps (Directions with Distance)


7. Change Google Maps Language:

If you need you can change the Google Maps Language

  1. Open Google Maps.google-maps-icon
  2. Click on Menu google-maps-tap-button > Settings.
  3. Tap on Navigation Settings.
  4. Change the Voice Selection.

8. Google Maps History:

Google Maps History will show you all you google map app history. If need you can check what are the places you visited or you can delete the history.

  1.  Open Google Mapsgoogle-maps-icon
  2. Tap on Main Menu google-maps-tap-button > Setting.
  3. Maps History.
  4. If you don’t want any history then click on the close icon on the lift side.

9. The distance between two points Google Maps:

  1. Long press on google maps google-maps-icon
  2. Click on directions. Enter the two locations
  3. It will give you the time, distance, fattest route etc …
  4. If you click on preview it will give you navigation.
  5. Computer: Right click on google maps and enter two locations

10. Add Home and Work Address:

You can add you Home and work address. For quick navigation, everyday schedule it will give. And the traffic condition alert will come.

To add address follow steps.

On your Android mobile or IOS Mobile or tablet, sign in and open google maps app google-maps-icon

  1. Tap Menu Google maps tap menu  >  Your Places > Labelled
  2. In-Home add the home address. In work add the work address
add google maps address
Add google maps address

Uses : 

  • If you lose your mobile chance to get it back.
  • Easily add to the route map
  • When booking the cab you can give a default address.
  • > Your Places > Saved > Favourites: Add Favourite place and future places if you want to go somewhere.
  • > Your Places > Saved > Want to go: Add starred places means to save the visited top restaurants and hotels so that if you forgot you can check it back.
  • Alert the traffic condition from home to workplace, bilateral

11. Explore Timeline:

The timeline will help Google to find the places and routes you have been traveled. It will work Google maps version 9.2 and above.

To make the Timeline you have to turn on your location and location history. Because by using past history it will work.

  1. Tap Menu Google maps tap menu> Your Timeline 
Google maps time line
Google maps timeline


  • Give the history of Timeline and past days activities
  • Find traveled distance and time
  • Track your past timeline with time

12. Location Sharing :

Share your location with your friends and family and they can also share you. So that future it will help to reach you or reach them.

  1. Tap Menu Google maps tap menu> Location Sharing 
Google maps location sharing
Google maps location sharing

Uses :

  • You can share your location with your friend to reach you.
  • If you share you can visit it again even if you don’t know the place.
  • Your friends can reach you easily.

13. Start Driving:

You can add your own shortcut route to reach your destination. So it will give traffic information about it. Otherwise, it will show you default routes. Start drive is nothing but a Start Navigation.  It is customized you can change the default routs by dragging the route icons.

  1. Tap Menu Google maps tap menu> Start Driving 
Google maps start driving
Google maps start driving

Uses :

  • Add your own route with shortcuts. Next time it will include you in your route
  • This is one way to start navigation
  • Based on the time it will show you the reaching time as well.
  • It will give the voice instruction how you need to reach your destination.

14. Online and Offline Google Maps:

Maps you can use in two ways, 1. internet(online) and 2. Offline.

If you travel the routes where the internet will not available, there you can go with offline mode.

1.Tap Menu Google maps tap menu> Offline Mode 

Google Offline maps
Google Offline maps

And download the Google maps in offline mode.

Uses :

  • Use maps where internet is not available. So that safely reach the destination
  • when the battery is low use it.
  • Up to 30 days you can use downloaded google maps later it will be expired

15. Google Street view:

By default, if you open google maps it will open google street view and can see all the routes to where you want to go.

Navigation and street view both are different. Street view is to see the photos of the place in mobile, Navigation is travel to destination places it will show the route with street by street.

Or if you open google maps directly click on satellite then zoom it. It will show you the street view with the picturized format.

Google Street view
Google Street View

Uses :

  • You can easily check the route which you don’t have an idea on your mobile phone.
  • With the satellite option possible to visit London, Washington etc … cities and street of those Cities.
  • The street will have the facility to see streets in image format.

16. Get Directions:

If you open google maps it will show you in page bottom  Get Directions option. It has different types of drives like Drive, Two wheelers, Bus or Train, Cab. Different Routes and timings of vehicles easily find out.

google maps get direction
google maps get direction


  • Drive: Is to drive your own car. It will show you navigation from starting point to the destination
  • Two wheelers: Will show you routes including with two wheeler roads as well.
  • Train or buses: will show you train and buses routes and timings and including schedules.
  • Cabs:  You can find cabs and timings of cabs and journey time. Based on your mode which you choose google maps will work on that. Instead of uber and ola you can directly choose cabs here. In India, it will not work but foreign cabs facility will work fine

17. Search Nearby:

 Easily find nearby restaurants, petrol bunks, Temples, Shopping malls

google maps search nearby
google maps search nearby

Uses :

  • Instead of going and searching for shops easily  find from google maps
  • Petrol bunks and restaurants also find

18. Get Transient Information:

Transient Information means public transport information.

If you want check trains timing and schedules of trains, or in cities, if you are going from one place to another unknown place you this option it will show you the routes and the buses information which will go to your respective destinations with timings.

Tap on the bus or train and give the destination location. then it will give the information.

Google maps transient information with timings
Google maps transient information with timings


  • It will give the alert before the journey time
  • If you tap on upcoming events easily find the details about
  • If you have proper planning in traveling this is very helpful

19. Real Time Traffic:

Easily find out the real-time traffic. based on that we can plane and start our journey. So that no need to wait in traffic instead of that waiting in our respective place is better.

1.Tap Menu Google maps tap menu> Traffic

google maps traffic information
google maps traffic information

Uses :

  • Find the traffic information plane as per that
  • Easily go with less traffic route and travel
  • If you have heavy traffic on your route it will show you in red marker. Otherwise, it will show you in green mark

20. Add Multiple stops:

Recently add multiple stops were removed from google maps.

Google Calendar Events: 

Here you can find all upcoming events like restaurant or bus reservations,  flight info, car rental etc …  Information about events comes from Gmail, Google calendar.

If you do reservation confirmation will come to your Gmail so automatically add to your google calendar then it will show you an alert.

Alaer information might appear in your search result, in suggestion box below the search box, on your map or in your places.

To see the list of your events

1.Tap Menu Google maps tap menu> Your Places > Upcoming

Google maps upcoming events
Google maps upcoming events

Uses :   

  • This one will work when you have your future events. Add upcoming events by Gmail or manually in the calendar.
  • Future events will give you an alert with timings.
  • With the same route will show you traffic information.

Conclusion :

All Above Google Maps Tips and Tricks will help you in daily life. And every day we will use it.

If you know this Google maps tricks and tips then you can easily use google maps.  Mention below which Google maps tips and tricks you liked it.

Or if you know any other google maps tips and tricks comment below.

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