11 Instagram Tips and Tricks: All Secrets Revealed (You Must Know !)

Instagram tips and tricks
Instagram tips and tricks

All Instagram tips and tricks revealed. Explained everything in an easy way and simple steps with images.

For mobile just you need to install Instagram app and Need to Instagram login.

Here I am mentioning some Instagram tips and tricks.

Every day so many people used to post and share the images and videos.

Instagram also famous social media like Facebook and whats App. To get the awareness on Instagram please follow below Instagram tips and tricks

Instagram Tips and Tricks:

1. Get Followers On Instagram :

You need to get relevant followers. So you follow the below Instagram tips and tricks you can get more true followers

  1. like or comment or share or follow relevant Instagram posts only. If like irrelevant then no use. 
  2. Post your industry topics consistently And content should me meaningful.
  3. Publish your Instagram posts on other account.
  4. Give response or comment other posts as well.
  5. Create new images and videos to post.
  6. Don’t go unauthorized ways to get more traffic.

2. Name Tag Change or Scan on Instagram:

You can customize your name tag in your Instagram.
  1. Open your Instagram and click on profile image
  2. Tap on instagram-menu and tap on name tag instagram-nametag
  3. Then you can change color, name, emoji or use your own selfie.
  4. You can scan your name tag as well
Name Tag Change or Scan on Instagram
Name Tag Change or Scan on Instagram

3. Facebook login with Instagram:

You can open Facebook  book from Instagram app with only 3 steps.
  1. Open your Instagram and click on your profile
  2.  Tap on instagram-menu icon.
  3. Then click on open Facebook.
Facebook login with Instagram
Facebook login with Instagram

4. Instagram Notifications:

If you want you can turn on or turn off notifications from specific post. and you can UN follow that person.  And same post you can share on whats App, messenger etc … 
  1. Tap on  icon top of the post.
  2.  Then it will show you turn on or off notifications.
  3. Mute.
  4. UN follow.
  5. Report and Share
Instagram Notifications
Instagram Notifications

5. Followers on Instagram:

You can remove or add  followers on Instagram. 
  1. To remove or add followers open Instagram and click on  profile.
  2. Then click on following. 
  3. Add followers or tap on icon then UN follow.
  4.  Otherwise you can follow another way which I mentioned above image . 

 6. Contact Instagram:

If you have any queries you can contact to Instagram. But getting resonance from them is very difficult. 
You can contact 3 ways to Instagram
  1. By using email address support@instagram.com
  2. Direct contact with Phone Number 650-543-4800
  3.  Login into Instagram.com and click on your profile
  4. Go to bottom tap on support.

7. Instagram Security Settings:

If you want to secure your Instagram account or if you need more secure to your Instagram account you can follow any one of below methods.

  1. Change your password or use any strong password.
  2. Decline access of third party apps.
  3.  Turn on two-factor authentication for more secure.

8. Turn on two-factor authentication:

It is one of the best and unique authentication feature in Instagram. It will ask you to enter login special code and confirm your login attempt.

  1. You can choose either SMS code to your mobile or third party authentication app such as google authentication or Duo mobile.
  2. Enabling Two factor authentication. 
  3.  Computer or PC:
  4.  Open Instagram.com and click on profile icon
  5. then tap on edit profile -> Privacy and Security -> Two Factor Authentication 
  6.  It will ask you any one of above option.
  7. Android:
  8. Open Instagram and click on profile icon
  9.  Tap on instagram-menu icon -> Account -> Two Factor Authentication

9. Polls on Instagram:

 If you want you can add polls on Instagram app. You can ask any question to your followers like opinion about your photo or video.
  1. Tap on Icon 
  2.  Open camera and Take photo.
  3. Tap on Polls icon.
  4. Write any question which you want to ask.
  5. Then save.

10. Download Instagram Videos:

So many ways you can download Instagram Videos, But here I am mentioning very simple ways.

Download Instagram videos on PC :

  1. Open your chrome and add extension  Downloader for Instagram
  2. One it will add put cursor on video or image which you want to download.
  3. It will give you download option top left.
  4. Download it.
Download Instagram videos PC
Download Instagram videos PC

11. Download Instagram Videos on Mobile:

  1. Download Inst Downloader
  2. Copy(click on … icon top of the post and copy url) any video or photo URL
  3. Past in Inst Downloader then tap on  check URL
  4. Then download it.
download Instagram videos on Mobile
download Instagram videos on Mobile

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