Jetpack Joyride: Best Indian Exclusive Funny Android Game (2018)

Jetpack Joyride Unlock Cool Jetpacks
Jetpack Joyride Unlock Cool Jetpacks

Jetpack Joyride one of the best game for android users as well as iPhone users. Ride your dream vehicles today! Beat YouTube comedians in the funniest game.

This is a free game if you required you can purchase it for premium member.

Funniest Online game for gamers, You can play offline as well.

Easy to play and easy to handle this game. In every level, you will get aggregations to play the game.  

This game is easy up to a certain level if cross each level it will somewhat not difficult.

Each level you need to collect the gold coins and you need to catch the powers.

In this, you need to escape from threads, at your destination you will get more threads.

Based on my experience I can say that this is the visual wonder and the best music.  You can feel the visuals and music.

Sniper 3D Gun Shooter

Two types of modes are available in this game 1. Levels mode 2. Challenge Mode

Jetpack Joyride Challenge
Jetpack Joyride Challenge

  1. Jetpack Joyride Levels Mode: This mode is easy mode. If you want to learn the jetpack joyride game you can go with this level. Otherwise, you can say that practice mode.
  2. Jetpack Joyride Challenge Mode:  This is available only online. You can play with other online players. It will be a challenging game.

It has nearly 100 levels if you cross each level you will get different types of powers.

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A boss fight is there in this game, you have to run and destroy the boss devils.

Jetpack Joyride Boss
Jetpack Joyride Boss

Different types of jetpacks and vehicles are available, you need to collect all by unlocking.

Jetpack Joyride Different Vehicles
Jetpack Joyride Different Vehicles

The best part of this game is scratch cards. If you play the game well you will get scratch cards. You need to scratch it you will get money and powers.

Download Game here 

Jetpack Joyride Features & Highlights :

  1. 100 Levels
  2. Boss Fight
  3.  Challenge Mode
  4.  20 jetpacks & vehicles
  5.  More Action
  6. Available online and offline
  7. wonderful  Visuals and Good music
  8. Best game for kids, a game for girls, best game for boys
  9. Easy to play and easy to control
  10. Less adds

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Conclusion :

Jetpack Joyride is the best game for kids, best game for girls, best game for boys as well. And the best reviews game, more than 1 millions downloads.

If you try this game you will fall definitely you will fall in love. If you try let me know what you like and what you don’t like in this game.

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