29 Best Skype Tips and Tricks For 2019 (And You Should Know!)


Skype Tips and Tricks

Skype tips and tricksSkype is a software product developed by Microsoft, which will support the telecommunications. This product specialised in providing audio calls and videos calls between computers, laptops, tablets, mobiles etc … So You must know these Skype tips and tricks.

It will allow exchanging the digital documents like images, files, audios, videos. And Skype allows audio and video conferences.

Skype is not a replacement for telephone or mobile and it will not support emergency calls.

So here I am mentioning some of the useful Skype tips and tricks.

Skype Tips and Tricks:

1.Skype Version 8.0:

Skype added new features in Skype Version 8.0.

  1. Free  HD Video calls and Screen sharing.
  2. Sharing video and audio or any other files up to 300 MB.
  3. You can get last one month shared files in Chat Media Gallery.
  4. And so many already existed feature were improved in Skype Version 8.0 and above.
  5. If you feel any feature is not working properly then update it.
  6. Search within conversion.
  7. Added extra emojis.

2.Skype Alternatives :

Some of the countries Skype was blocked. So you can use other Skype alternatives.

3. Read Recipient Skype:

Skype recently added a new feature called Read Recipients.  It will show you who exactly read your message in real-time.  It was enabled by default and it will work on one to one conversations and groups.

If you want you can disable it.

  1. Open your Skype Account.
  2. Tap on your profile Picture.
  3. Click on Setting -> Messaging.
  4. Enable/Disable Read receipts.

4. Check Skype Version:

  1. Open your Skype account.
  2. Tap on Your Profile Picture.
  3. Click on Help & Feedback.
  4. It will show you your skype version.

5. Skype Language change:

  1. Open You Skype.
  2. Click on Profile Picture -> Settings -> General
  3. Then click Language
  4. Change the language which you want.

6. Skype Subtitles:

If you want you can enable/disable subtitles for your audio calls and video calls.

  1. Open Your Skype.
  2. Then Settings -> Calling -> Call subtitles
  3. Enable/Disable the subtitles.
  4. It will apply for voice and audio calls(show for only other participants).

7. Check Skype Account Balance:

If you add money to your account, you can check your skype account balance.

  1. Open your Skype account.
  2. Tap on your Profile Picture.
  3. Then it will show you Skype Credit Balance next to Skype to Phone.

8. Skype Account Temporarily Suspended:

If you do any unauthorised activities sky will restrict you to use it. And it will show you below message

  1. Open Your Skype.
  2. If it shows below banner like Fix your account. Then Your skype was suspended temporarily.
Skype account temporarily suspended

9. Skype unusual activity (Skype Terms and Conditions) wait-a-minute-gif:

Below are some of the important unusual activities.

  1. Controlling Other Skype with your account.
  2. Creating a Skype account with false information.
  3. Don’t engage any harmful activities.
  4. Must be Sign in at least once in every five years.
  5. You should be Major.
  6. Using third-party apps like Games, other website links etc …
  7. If you use changed service then you need to pay money.

10. Create New Group:

To chat with your family, friends or others you can create groups.

Groups are so useful in the sky.

Instead of sending the same message to all you can send it to one group by adding all of them in a single group.

Three ways you can create groups

1. Click on the plus (+) button directly on regular skype view

2. Navigate to Contacts -> Create new Group

3. Press Ctrl+N

Above three ways, It will open the same window to create a group window.

create a new group in Skype

Once the above window opens it will open automatically drop down the contacts.

Otherwise, click on a plus(+) button it will give contacts drop-down.  Add contacts which you required.

add contacts to a group

For every group, you need to give the group name. Two ways you can change it. First one is by clicking on rename Conversation.

The second one is clicking on Untitled Conversation.

add or rename group name

Change Group Icon

change group icon

11. Possible Skype Statuses:

We have different types of statuses available in Skype. Based on availability you can use these statuses.

Navigate to Skype -> Online Status 

different types of skype statuses

skype-online-statusOnline: If you log in once it will show you once it will show you this status by default. Your contact can see that you are online. And they can contact you.

Skype-offline-statusOffline: This is by default status when you are not logged in. Otherwise, by clicking on this you can show this status. But in offline mode, you can’t receive calls and messages as well as you can’t send.

Skype-offline-statusInvisible: Actually you are signed in, but your contact can see that you are offline. You can still use Skype without calls and messages disturbance.

skype-away-statusAway: Your contact can see that you logged in but you are away from you Skype. You will get all messages and calls but you will not lift the call because of unavailability.

skype-do-not-distrub-statusDo Not Disturb: Your contacts can see that you are online but not to disturb. They can send messages and calls you no need to replay unless until an emergency.

skype-calls forwarded-statusCalls Forwarded: Your contact will know that calls can be forwarded to your home, work or phone because you can’t take them online. So that you never miss any call.

skype-contact-request-pendingContact Request Pending: It Will show to your contact that you added that contact.  And approval pending from new contact side.

skype-blocked-statusBlocked: It will show to your contact that you blocked that contact.

12. Multiple Chat Windows:

Because of work, sometimes it’s required to chat with multiple people at the same time.

So If you use multiple windows you can see instant messages conversation in each window.

Navigate to View at the top View -> Split Window View. It will separate two windows and double click on contact for which you want to chat.

Skype Multiple Chat Window
Skype Multiple Chat Window

Otherwise, open Skype and double click on contacts. It will open a new window for each contact.

Each new window is scaled and moved. By moving each window you can organise how you want.

13. Rename Existed Contacts:

Right click on contact for which you need to change the name, then click on rename, then change it.

It will change automatically change the contact name.

14. Record Audio or Video Call:

Directly Skype will not support recording audio or video calls. For this, you need to install third-party tools.

To use these tools you need to pay money.

If it’s required you can use it.

15. Keyword Notifications:

Skype has a feature to get notifications for specific words in the chat.

If you think some of the words are very important then you can add those words to this feature.

But this will work based on contacts only. Open any contact for which you need to give the notification words.

Then Navigate to  Conversion -> Notification Settings then add the words.

Skype notification window
add notification words

Skype notification is a flexible one. Instead of getting notifications for all you can customise it.

16. Clear Chat History and Define Storing Time:

If you need to remove history you can do it and you can give storing time.

Navigate to Tools -> IM & SMS -> Show advanced setting -> and give the time interval on keep history

Skype chat history and define storing time
Skype chat history and define storing time 1

17. Pause Animated Emojis and others:

You can pause the emojis and other by disabling this feature.

Navigate to Tools -> Options -> IM & SMS -> IM Appearance ->  disable the show emoticons by uncheck that box.

Pause Animated Emojis and others
Pause Animated Emojis and others

18. Share Your Screen:

Two ways you can communicate with your contacts on skype.

Screen Sharing: A feature that shares your live video of what’s on your PC Screen.

To make an Audio call or Video call then click on the plus(+) button -> choose screen share

skype screen sharing

To stop sharing screen click on stop sharing

Sending Files: This feature will allow you to share your files, images, mp3, and video etc …

To share files open any contact -> click on the clip Symbol which was on the bottom right -> It will give you the different types of options like image, File, Video, Contact etc … You can share anything which you want.

sending files in skype

19. Send Files During Calls:

You can send files during audio or video call. Make audio or video call and click on a plus(+) button.

Then choose to send files, send contact both can be used.

sending files during calls

20. Make A Free Conference Call:

If you want to share the news with your family or with a team or close friend you can use a free conference call.

You can do audio or video conference call.

Make an audio or video call. Then click on a plus(+) button.

And click on add people to this call, then select people from your contact to whom you need.

Adding people who are on Skype is free. If you want to add others who are n’t in Skype, you can call their mobile number or land lane.

But for this, you need Skype credit or subscription.

skype conference calls

Note: You can host video call or conference up to 25 people.

21. Skype Translator:skype-translator-icon

Its require when you are communicating unknown language person.

When you are communicating with English to Spanish, English to Chinese, English to Arabic vice versa.

Skype will help you to do all real-time translations. It will translate into dozens of languages.

Text Translations: Text translations will support more than 60 languages with clear.

Voice Translations: It will support nearly 13 languages. They are adding more languages to the feature.

Step1: The simple way is to click on Skype translator which is one of your contacts.

Step2: It will ask you to add any contact to translate. Add one contact to this.

Step3: It will ask you to change the voice. If it’s required you can change your voice to Male or Female.

step4:  Click on change language then it will display some of the languages like English, Spanish, Arabic.

choose your language which you need.

How to enable Skype translator

Directly click on chat history then you can change to the preferred language.

Note: If you change to translation language entire skype will change to that language

22. Skype Auto Answering:

If it’s required to use auto answering you can use it. If you enable it will automatically answer the call if you are active.

To enable Navigate to Tools -> Options -> Call Settings -> show advanced settings ->

Then enable Answer incoming calls automatically box and save it.

Skype auto answering enable

23. Hide Typing Status:

When your chatting it will show you the typing status ( or moving pencil)  to an opponent or vice versa.

To hide the typing indicator navigate Tools -> Options -> IM & SMS -> Show advanced settings

-> then disable the show when I am typing checkbox.

hide typing status enable

24. Removing All Ads From Skype:

If you open skype so many ads will annoy, sometimes it will disturb the conversion.

If required you can disable the ads on your PC.

Navigate to Control Panel ->  Network And Internet -> Internet Options -> then new dialogue box will pop up

In that dialogue box  navigate to security top left -> Restricted Sites -> Sites -> Again pop up will come

then add //apps.skype.com/ on the add label then save it

Remove ads from Skype

Restart your PC then open your skype, Now all ads will disappear from the skype. This skype tip will help you a lot.

25. Use Multiple Skype Accounts:

Most of the people use two or more accounts. One is for personal life and another one is professional life.

But Skype will not allow you to use two accounts at a time but by using some small trick you can use two accounts at a time.

Click (Windows key + R) and type either

Skype Multiple Accounts

C:Program FilesSkypePhoneSkype.exe /secondary


C:Program Files (x86)SkypePhoneSkype.exe /secondary

It will open a new skype new window.

Then log in with your new account, then use it.

26. Set Your Caller ID :

Sometimes it’s required to call to the landline or mobile numbers.

So at that time, it’s important to display your contact number instead of display unknown or private number.

For this, you need to set the caller id. To set up,

Navigate to Top left Skype -> My Account -> It will open skype account in your default browser

In the default skype account, you will get different features.

Set your caller id in Skype
  1. Caller ID: It will display this number to the recipient when you call or SMS. But user can’t replay for this.  If you add SMS Id, they can replay it.
  2. Skype Number: If you have skype number people can call from lane line or mobiles with local rates only. And you answer for this wherever you are in the world. But you need to buy this number online.
  3. Skype To Go: Make low-cost international calls from any phone
  4. Call forwarding and voicemail: If you don’t want to answer or not available for that call you can auto replay.  You can use choose option video message, Voice message or try again

27. Block A Contact:

Report someone for abuse in skype on mobile. So that you can block them for feature purpose.

On PC Navigate to Conversation -> Block 


Right click on contact then click on Block this person

to block a person in skype

28. Jump to the Previous History:

Without scrolling, you can jump to the previous history. Open any contact and right click on a previous chat

then you will get Jump Back to  To Day, Previous Day and 7 Days

Jump to the Previous history in Skype

29. Skype Remote Control Security Camera:

This is not exactly a security camera but if you use this tip you can use Skype as a security camera.

For this, you need to have two accounts and an Auto answer should be enabled.

You have to keep one PC with opening skype with propr webcam direction and from another PC you need to do a video call.

It will automatically answer the call and it will show you the monitoring area.

But this is somewhat Ricky. No need to use this tip. Instead of this you can buy cc camera and use it.


All above skype tips and tricks will be useful in daily life. If you like or don’t like anyone from above skype tips and tricks please comment below.

And if you know other skype tips and tricks which was not mentioned also mention in comments.

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  1. Amazing that this article is titled for 2019 and yet it is devoted to Skype 7 which is being forceably phased out by Skype to Version 8 from late 2018. I wanted Tips and Tricks for the new version which is what I thought this would be given the title

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