Twitter Tips and Tricks – 11 Features You Probably Don’t Know! (2019)

Twitter Tips and Tricks

Twitter is an online news social network service. If you are using Twitter, then you need to know all below twitter tips and tricks which will help to manage your twitter account easily.

Twitter Tips and Tricks:

1. Twitter QR Code:

QR Codes are machine-readable codes which are stores URLs.If you scan QR codes it will allow quick allow and follow each other. If you want to follow any new friend just ask him to share his Twitter QR Code, then scan it that’s it.Share My Twitter QR Code twitter-qr-code-icon:
      1. Tap on your Profile Icon.
      2. Click on QR Code Icon.twitter-qr-code-icon
      3. Share it by clicking on share Icon.
      4.  If you want to scan then click on below scan icon. So that it will allow you to scan QR Code. 
Twitter QR Code

2. Protect Twitter Account

  1. Open your twitter account.
  2.  Click on your Profile icon and setting and privacy.
  3.  Go to Account -> Security and tap on Login Verification.
  4.  If you confirm it then it will be protected and it needed double verification.
Note: If you want to do in then top right click on Profile icon -> Settings and Privacy -> Security then tap on Set up Login Verification.
Protect your twitter account
Protect your twitter account

3. Twitter Account Hacked:

If you think your account has hacked just follow any one of below steps.
  1. Change or reset your password.
  2. Enable protect your account so that it two layer protection will be activated.

 4. Twitter video Auto-play:

  1. You can enable or disable twitter videos auto-play.
  2. Tap on your profile icon then Settings and Privacy.
  3. Data Usage.
  4. Click on Video auto-play.
  5.  Then select your option and save it.
Twitter Video Auto Play
Twitter Video Auto Play

 5. Twitter Data Saver:

If you enable data saver videos won’t auto-play and lower quality images loaded. It will reduce your data usage.
  1. Tap on your profile icon.
  2. Then Setting and Privacy -> Data Usage.
  3. Enable Data Saver.
  4. Ti will be useful when you’re using mobile data.
Twitter Data Saver
Twitter Data Saver

6. Deactivate Your Twitter Account:

  1. If you want to deactivate your account.
  2. Follow the first two steps from above
  3.  Go to Content and tap on Deactivate your account.
  4. Note: If you do it will deactivate your account.

7. Twitter Night Mode:

  1. Click on your icon.
  2. Tap on Night Mode.
  3. It will display in night mode.

8. Delete Twitter  Account:

  1. Tap on your Profile Icon. So that it will show you all your profile icons.
  2. Click on twitter-tweet-delete-icon icon
  3. Then copy or delete your tweet.

 9. Block Account on Twitter:

Two ways you can block another twitter account.
Block from Twitter Tweet.
  1. Open your twitter home page
  2.  Tap on an icon,twitter-tweet-delete-icon then tweet to which you need to block.
  3. Then click on Twitter Unfollow, Twitter Mute, Twitter block or Report tweet.

10. Block from Twitter Profile:

  1. Open their Twitter Profile.
  2. Tap on twitter-overflow-iconicon
  3. Then do the same above steps.

11. Unblock Twitter Account or Unmute Twitter Account:

  1. Tap on your profile.
  2. Then Privacy and Safety.
  3. Then check in Blocked Accounts or Muted Accounts.
  4. Muted words also you can see here. 
All above twitter tips and tricks are useful in daily life.  And if you knew these twitter tips and tricks, then you can easily use your account and you can provide some security to your account. If you know any important twitter tips and tricks or twitter new features please comment below.

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