WhatsApp New Features, Tips and Tricks Revealed (2019)

WhatsApp New features, tips and tricks
Here I am mentioning all whatsapp new features, tips and tricks. Some are upcoming and some are exited features. Go through all, you can understand easily.

 Whatsapp new features:

1. WhatsApp Picture In Picture:

This is one of the most awaited WhatsApp new feature from the user end.You can share facebook, youtubetwitter videos directly instead of sharing links.And you can watch floating videos as well. 

2. Private Message WhatsApp:

If you are in a group you can use private message feature in WhatsApp. It will send this message to that person only.
Private Message on WhatsApp
  1. Open group conversation
  2. Long press on the message to whom you need to send a private message.
  3. Tap on Menu Icon whatsapp-menu
  4. Click on replay privately.
3. WhatsApp Preview Mode:
Without opening WhatsApp you can read your WhatsApp new messages that called WhatsApp Preview Mode.
All your new messages drop down will display on notification bar just you need to check your notification bar that’s it.

4. WhatsApp Dark Mode:

WhatsApp Dark mode is one of the WhatsApp upcoming features.You can change the light mode to dark mode or dark mode to light mode like facebook, twitter, youtube, Instagram etc…

5. WhatsApp Group Call New Feature:

WhatsApp is adding a new shortcut for a group call.Instead of starting a conversation with one person and adding others to call, WhatsApp trying to add a shortcut to add all people at a time and call.

6. WhatsApp QR Codes:

Already QR Code Available to open WhatsApp in your PC.But with this feature, you can share your  QR Code to others So that others can get your  WhatsApp Number.

7. WhatsApp Language:

You can change your whats app language from English to Hindi or any other languages 
Change WhatsApp Language
  1. Tap on  WhatsApp Menu Icon whatsapp-menu >   Settings
  2. Open Chats
  3. App Language -> Change the language
  4. If you need you can change the font size as well

8. Change WhatsApp Background:

WhatsApp Background Change
  1. Follow above first two steps
  2. Tap on Wallpapers

9. WhatsApp Messages:

Send WhatsApp Messages without Typing. In Android use Google Assistance or in Apple use Siri.
whatsapp voice message
WhatsApp Voice Message
  1. Open any contact on WhatsApp.
  2. click on mic iconwhatsapp-mic-icon
  3. Then give voice as input
  4. It will send whatever you will speak.

10. Live Location on WhatsApp:

You can share your location with your contact. It will give you google maps information.
Share Location in WhatsApp
  1. Open any contact on  WhatsApp.
  2. Click on Attachment Iconwhatsapp-attachment-icon
  3. Click on Location Icon. location-sharing-on-whatsapp
  4. Then Share it.
  5. You can share Contacts, Images, Voice or any document. 

11. WhatsApp Payment:

You can make a payment on WhatsApp.
Payment in WhatsApp
  1. Click on any contact.
  2. Tap on Attachment Icon.whatsapp-attachment-icon
  3. Click on Payment Icon.paymeny-on-whatsapp
  4. Send money on WhatsApp.
  5. But before sending or receiving the money you need to add your bank account.

12. Group Message WhatsApp:

If you want to know how red your message in the group, then you can find easily.
  1. Open Group on WhatsApp.
  2. Just Long Press on the message which you sent.
  3. Tap on Menu Iconwhatsapp-menu
  4. click on Info.
  5. It will give the information.

13. WhatsApp Auto Download:

You can change your data storage auto download option.
  1. Open your WhatsApp.
  2. Click on Main Menu icon whatsapp-menu >  Settings > Data and Storage usage
  3. Change Auto download options based on a Wifi connection and Wifi Connection.

14. WhatsApp Statistics:

If you want to know how many total messages received and sent in WhatsApp.
  1. Follow the first two steps from the above section Main Menu -> Data and Storage usage
  2. Tap on Network Usage.
  3. You will get all the WhatsApp statistics.
  4. If you click on Storage then you will get Storage information as well.

15. WhatsApp Privacy:

  1. Tap on WhatsApp Menu Icon  whatsapp-menu > Settings -> Accounts
  2. Navigate to Privacy
  3. Now you can change the personal info like Everyone, My Contact, Nobody
  4. Change WhatsApp Last Seen
  5. WhatsApp Profile Photo
  6. Modify WhatsApp About
  7. And WhatsApp Status
  8. My Location

16. WhatsApp conference call:

Whatsapp provided free groping video call.
  1. Open any contact on WhatsApp.
  2. Tap on Video Icon. whatsapp-video-call Video call will start.
  3. If you want to add other people then click on add icon.
  4. Maximum 4 people can be allowed in this call.


These above all belong to WhatsApp new features and upcoming features. Like other social media WhatsApp also doing so many changes for user-friendly.  If you like any feature or if you know other features mention in comments.

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