31 YouTube Tips and Tricks You Should Know! (2019)

YouTube Tips and Tricks

YouTube Tips and Tricks: Youtube is one of the entertaining social media which is available free.  And it is freely providing by Google like Gmail, Maps etc …

All types of videos available on youtube, you can upload and download it.

Day by day youtube is updating new features to get more user-friendly.

Do you have a youtube account? And every day are you using youtube?  then look into below youtube tips and tricks.

1. YouTube Theater Mode youtube-theater-mode:

You can play youtube videos in different modes Theater mode is one of that.

  1. Open Any Video.
  2. Tap on Theater Mode youtube-theater-mode Icon bottom of that video.

2. Youtube MiniPlayer youtube-mini-player-mode:

If you play any video in the mini player mode it will play in a small window so that you can do your searching.

  1. Open any video.
  2. Click on Mini Player Mode icon. youtube-mini-player-mode

3. YouTube Time Watched youtube-time-watched-icon:

If you want to know statics of how much time you watched youtube you will get Youtube time watched.

YouTube Time Watched
  1. Open YouTube.
  2. Tap on Profile Icon.
  3. Open Time Watched
  4. It will show you YouTube Time watched stats like Today, Yesterday, Past week, Daily Average time.

4. Best  of Youtube On PC:

Youtube left side have an option Best of Youtube, this is will show you all best youtube features including the latest.

Best of YouTube

If you click on the feature like Music, Sports, Games, TV Shows, News etc…  then you will get that.

5. YouTube Liked Videos youtube-liked-icon:

If you want to get all liked youtube videos follow below steps.

YouTube Liked Videos
  1. Open YouTube.
  2. Bottom left Click on Library -> Liked Videos  youtube-liked-icon

6. YouTube Purchases:

We have an option to purchase videos on youtube. If you purchase youtube videos you will get into youtube purchases.

YouTube Purchase Videos
  1. Open Youtube.
  2. Click on Library – > Purchases.
  3. If you click on Movies It will give the list of movies which you need to pay to watch.

7. Youtube Download Video vs Youtube Saved Videos:

  • If you download any video from YouTube It will come to Downloads.
  • You can watch that videos offline without the Internet.
  • But if you save any video it will come into WatchLater List or any Other playlist based on which you added.
  • Saved video need an Internet connection, you can’t watch that video offline.
  • If you double click on save option you can add video into a customized playlist.

8. Youtube Save Videos:

Saving videos and Downloading videos are different. The download will go into your youtube app but, saving videos will go into Watch later list.

Save video on YouTube
  1. Open youtube.
  2. Play any video.
  3. Then click on save bottom that video.
  4. By default, it will save in Watch Later.

9. YouTube WatchLater List:

If you play any video you will get an option to save that video, If you save you will get that in the watch-later list.

  1. Open YouTube.
  2. Click on Library.
  3. Then open WatchLater List.

10. YouTube Spotlight youtube-spotlight:

Youtube recently created a new youtube channel which will give information about youtube trending events, videos, music or news etc … It will give you a youtube videos summary.

In PC you will get this option on lift side.

11. Youtube TV:

This is a new feature from YouTube. It will be available only for paid members.

It will provide live tv from all broadcast. You can see this on your mobile, tablets, PC, Laptop and TV’s etc..

YouTube TV  On PC :

YouTube TV
  1. Open Youtube on your PC or Laptop.
  2. Tap in Menu Iconyoutube-menu-icon
  3. Then click on Youtube TV.

Note: For mobile open Settings -> Watch On TV 

12. YouTube Gaming:

Nowadays gaming became trending. Just you need to play the game and upload the game on Youtube.

We have a specific category for gaming that’s called YouTube Gaming. You can find trending games and live games here.

YouTube Gaming On PC :

YouTube Gaming
  1. Open Youtube on your PC or Laptop.
  2. Tap in Menu Icon. youtube-menu-icon
  3. Then Click on YouTube Gaming.
YouTube Trending Videos

Note: If you want to get this option on mobile click on trending icon. Then check on top options.

13. YouTube Music:

If you want only music or albums or songs etc .. You can use youtube music.

Youtube Music On PC :
YouTube Music
  1. Open Youtube on your PC or Laptop.
  2. Tap in Menu Icon. youtube-menu-icon
  3. Then Click on YouTube Music.

14. YouTube Kids:

Only kids videos will come on YouTube Kids.

Youtube Kids on PC:

YouTube Kids
  1. Open Youtube on your PC or Laptop.
  2. Tap in Menu Icon. youtube-menu-icon
  3. Then Click on YouTube Kids.
  4. For Mobile, you need to install youtube kids app like how you will download the youtube app.


15. YouTube Play List:

If you play videos on youtube based on your history youtube will create a playlist automatically. It will help you to play the same videos easily without search again.

This mode is so much helpful to the user.

16. Enable Youtube Dark Mode:

If you watch any video in night time or sunset time it will affect your eyes.

Instead of that, you can use Youtube dark mode so that eyes will feel relax. these modes added recently on facebook, twitter, WhatsApp etc…

  1. Open Youtube.
  2. Navigate to Top Right and click on three dots Icon.
  3. Enable Dark Theme or Disable.
How to enable Youtube dark mode

17. Change Youtube Language:

By default, youtube has the English language.

If you required based on your interest you can change the youtube language.

Based on Language Youtube home page will change.

  1. Navigate to Top Right.
  2. Click on three dots.
  3. Click on Language then change it.
How to change YouTube language

18. Watch Age Restricted Videos Without Login:

Before to watch age restricted videos login is mandatory, But now youtube officially gave one option to enable or disable age restricted videos.

The main use of age restricted option is to restrict the inappropriate content tagged by the user or other resources.

Make sure it should be enabled until unless it’s not required. By default, it will be enabled.

  1. Open Youtube
  2. Navigate to the top right and click on three dots.
  3. And disable the age restriction
  4. Then you can watch age-restricted videos
How to watch Age restricted Videos

19. Convert Youtube Videos To Gif:

We are using gif files every day. Importance of gif file we knew but don’t have the knowledge to create gif file.

Every gif file will be created through video only.

Here is one of the way to create youtube videos to gif.

  1. Open any video on Youtube and add gif in front of youtube after www.
  2. Normal Url is www.youtube.com/[your-viddeo-tag]
  3. Gif Url is www.gifyoutube.com/[your-viddeo-tag]
  4. You can add captions and stickers. And we have so many other options.
  5. It will redirect to another website. Select the time duration and save it.

20. Share A Video That Start Certain Time:

If you want to share a certain scene or certain movement from the video you can share it.

Instead of sharing entire video and mentioning time from where to watch it is good to share with that time.

Two ways you can do this.

The first way to Share:

  1. Open  Youtube.
  2. And Play any video then right click on that.
  3. Then click on Copy video URL at current Time.
  4. Then share to where you want.
How to share a YouTube video with start time

Second Way to share it:

  1. Open any youtube video.
  2. Click on share button bottom of the video.
  3. Click on start at then give the time.
  4. Then share it.
How to share YouTube Video with Start Time

21. Speed Up Youtube Video Buffering:

If you play any video on youtube based on the internet fast, the quality of the video will change.

Automatically it will the quality of the video will adjust.

If it takes time to buffer youtube video, you can change the quality manually.

but if you decrease the video quality, it will affect the quality.

  1. Open any video on youtube.
  2. Cilk on gear option
  3. Click on Quality
  4. Change the auto to any other quality based on your internet connection.


How To Increase YouTube Video Buffering Speed

22. Stop YouTube Videos Auto Playing:

If you play any video on youtube, after that another video will play automatically.

It will automatically consume your internet data.

So to save your internet data turn off the autoplay. This one you can do in two ways.

First Way:

  1. Open Any video.
  2. Click on gear option.
  3. disable Auto Paly.

Second Way:

  1. Open any video.
  2. Navigate to the Right Top
  3. Click disable on Auto Paly.
How to disable YouTube auto play
How to disable YouTube autoplay


23. Change YouTube Trending Videos:

Recently Youtube added Trending videos.

Based on trending videos we can get to know that what is going on in that region.

Trending videos will be created based on your past history and most searched videos on that region.

If you want to know about the trending video US, UK and Chinese just you have to change the region.

It will work only on mobiles

  1. Open Youtube
  2. Login into your account.
  3. Navigate to top right click on Channel Icon -> Settings -> General
  4. Change the Location name to some other country which you need
  5. Then go to trending
How to change YouTube trending videos
How to change YouTube trending videos

24. Auto generated YouTube Captions:

If you watch any unknown language video you can use this feature.

For Example, you are watching a Chinese language video. But if you don’t understand that language then it will be useful.

It will work only on mobiles.

  1. Open any unknown Language youtube video.
  2. Tap once on that video
  3. Navigate to Top right then click on three dots.
  4. Captions ->Enable English(auto-generated).
  5. Then English subtitles will come.

Note: But above English subtitles are not accurate even you can understand that.

25. Watch VR YouTube Videos:

You can watch Virtual Reality videos in Mobile Youtube App. Virtual Reality means we will really feel that are in that place only.

And everything is happening in our surroundings only, you can see and feel it.

To watch in VR video VR Box it required. You can buy this online.

In Mobile, Only It will work.

  1. Open the Youtube app on your mobile.
  2. Play any video which you want to watch in VR.
  3. Navigate to Top right and click on three dots -> View in Clipboard.
  4. Click on Continue and keep your mobile in VR Box.
  5. Then Watch the video with VR Effects.
YouTube Virtual Reality Enable
YouTube Virtual Reality Enable
Watch YouTube Virtual Reality Video
Watch YouTube Virtual Reality Video

Note: Without VR Box, the video will not be clearer.

26. Check Youtube Free Space:

In Mobile youtube will not allow you to download any video directly device.

It will give some free space to download video and what video on offline.

If you want to check how much space you used on app follow below steps.

  1. Open youtube app.
  2. Click on Channel Icon -> Settings -> Downloads. 
  3. It will show you how much data you used and how much space available and default download video quality.
  4. Once Space will be full. You need to free it otherwise it will not allow you to download.
YouTube Download Space Status
YouTube Download Space Status

27. Change YouTube Video Speed:

You can change your youtube video speed. it will help for dance practice or any sudden happening videos.

  1. Play any YouTube video on Mobile.
  2. Tap on video once.
  3. Click on Three Dots.
  4. Playback speed.
  5. Then increase or decrease video speed.
How to change YouTube Video speed

28. Forward Or Backward Time Setting:

Do you want to change YouTube forward or backward time? You can change it, By default YouTube will give you 10 secs.

But you can change this one to 5, 10,15 or 20 secs.

  1. Open YouTube on Mobile.
  2. Click on Channel Icon -> Settings -> General .
  3. Click on Double tap to Seek.
  4. Change the time as per your need.
How to change YouTube seek time

29. Increase Video Quality:

When you are watching video suddenly video quality will decrease and video is not clear.

This will happen when internet quality is decreased.

So If you want to increase the quality you can do it but it will affect the YouTube Buffering.

  1. Play any YouTube video.
  2. Tap once on video.
  3. click on three dots.
  4. click on Quality.
  5. Change video quality.
How to change YouTube Video quality

30. Block On Youtube:

Do you have any youtube channel? have you ever got really nasty comments one of your youtube videos?

Nasty message in comments. Don’t worry YouTube recently added block a person on youtube.

Four ways you can block a person on YouTube.

31. Youtube Incognito (YouTube Private Mode):

YouTube recently added Youtube Incognito feature without worrying about search history and watch.

If this feature is active you can see only the home page and trending videos.

Other things like subscriptions and Library and download videos can’t be accessible.

Incognito Mode on Mobile:
  1. Tap on your profile Icon 
  2. Click on Turn on Incognito


All the above mentioned YouTube Tips and Tricks will helpful in daily life.

YouTube is adding so many features to get more friendly users.

Comment below if you know more youtube tips and tricks or youtube features.

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